Festive Vegan Rolls

These ‘Festive Vegan Rolls’ are exactly as you’d expect. They are Festive using Chestnuts, Walnuts and Redcurrants which is enclosed in a Puff Pastry roll. They are a great addition to a Vegan Buffet and perfect for Snacking. 

Festive Vegan Rolls

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A Festive Buffet table would not be complete without a ‘Festive Vegan Roll’, true fact. In this case, these ‘Festive Vegan Rolls’, are my Vegan, meat-free and dairy-free alternative to a classic Buffet or Nibble scenario with Sausage Rolls or Cheese and Onion Rolls; both of which go down an absolute treat with guests when it comes to finger food nibbles, and I remember eating a lot of Cheese and Onion Rolls in years gone by.

Whilst I was creating various recipes for Christmas and the general Festive season, I came up with lots of ideas; some of which I have shared, some of which didn’t happen (as there is just never enough hours in the day..booo), some that were accidental creations (like my meatballs) and some like these ‘Festive Vegan Rolls’, which were a bit of an afterthought but really they’re absolutely essential for any Buffet offering and Christmas-type snacking.

Festive Vegan Rolls

If you’re lucky enough to be catering for Friends or Family over the Christmas or New Year period, then my last few posts should definitely be on your ‘make list’. And if you’re even luckier to not be Catering for Friends or Family, and instead you’re being catered for, then hopefully your hosts will be providing you with an array of homemade nibbles. Or if you’re like me and you are making a collection of things to take with you, whether it is for your own consumption(!) or to share, then hopefully these ‘Festive Vegan Rolls’ will be on the ‘make list’.

I wasn’t sure whether to post these ‘Festive Vegan Rolls’ or not because they didn’t turn out perfectly but to be quite honest, I didn’t have the time or ingredients to make them again. So although, they don’t look as I would have hoped, they still taste as they should, so we can all learn from my mistakes here whilst creating these and make sure yours turn out perfectly by following this piece of advise… Less is More! Because, whatever I’m making, I always like to go full-force and over-do everything, such as piling high my Sunday Roast plate, overfilling my sandwiches and wraps and overfilling these ‘Vegan Festive Rolls’.

So let’s get making!
Firstly, these ‘Festive Vegan Rolls’, are made using ingredients I associate with the Festive season especially Chestnuts (which have become my best friend this year), which are processed to a paste-like consistency with the other filling ingredients, and you want to achieve a mixture that isn’t too wet nor too dry. Next, I have used store-bought redcurrant jelly but feel free to make your own cranberry or redcurrant sauce/jelly for a truly Festive taste. Again, here, remember, Less is More!

I used a store-bought Puff Pastry (checking it is Vegan) and some soya-milk to baste the pastry. To make the Rolls, spread approximately ½ tsp redcurrant jelly in a single layer and then place a generous amount of filling on top (but be careful not to use too much as they’ll explode like mine). Enclose the filling with the pastry and spread the sides and top with some soya milk and use a fork to make indentations to enclose the pastry. Repeat this until it has all been used up. Pop in the oven until puffy, golden and delicious!

Cut these ‘Festive Vegan Rolls’ in half and add them to your Buffet table or simply keep them to yourself a nibble away! They should keep in an air-tight container for up to three days, though I find Pastry is best fresh, but they can also be frozen and thawed thoroughly before consuming.

Festive Vegan Rolls

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I hope you enjoy this recipe and if you give it a go, leave a comment and let me know or post a picture on  instagram or  facebook and use #untaintedtastes and tag me @untaintedtastes as I’d love to see them 🙂 xo

Festive Vegan Rolls
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Snack
Cuisine: Buffet, Pastry, Festive
Serves: Makes 6
  • 1 onion, peeled and diced
  • 1 bell pepper, de-seeded and diced
  • 2 tbsp Vegan red wine
  • 1 tsp dried thyme
  • 1 tsp dried sage
  • ½ packet pureed chestnuts
  • ½ cup walnuts
  • ¼ cup oat flour (more if needed)
  • redcurrant jelly
  • 1 (500g) packet puff pastry (vegan friendly)
  • non-dairy unsweetened soya milk
  1. In a saucepan with a tbsp. water add the onion and bell pepper and saute until softened, approximately 10 minutes, then add the herbs and the red wine and continue to simmer until the red wine evaporates.
  2. Set aside. In a food processor, add the walnuts and break down, then add the pureed chestnuts and process until smooth.
  3. Then add the onion and pepper mixture to the food processor and combine together. Then add the oat flour to create a dough that isn't too dry and not too wet either. Add more flour if necessary.
  4. Set in the fridge to chill for 30-60 minutes.
  5. Pre-heat the oven to 350F/180C/Gas Mark 4. Line a large baking tray with parchment paper.
  6. Then, roll out your puff pastry into a rectangle about 0.25cm in height. Cut the rectangle into smaller rectangles to create the individual sausage rolls. Roll out the cut off dough to create more sausage roll shapes until all the dough has been used.
  7. Once you have your sausage rolls (You should get 5-6) cut outs, place approx. ½ tsp redcurrant jelly in the centre and smooth it out.
  8. Then add the 'sausage' mixture into a thin sausage shape on top of the jelly, leaving plenty of room around the edges for the pastry to enclose the filling.
  9. Place a little non-dairy milk around the edges of the pastry and fold over one side to enclose the filling. (Make sure not to use too much filling or it will explode).
  10. Press the pastry together round each edge and using a fork press down to make indents to make sure it is fully enclosed.
  11. Repeat this for all of your dough. Then spread a little non-dairy milk over the top of each roll and place in the oven until golden and puffed, approximately 25 minutes.
  12. Set aside on a cooling rack to cool completely before serving.
  13. Store in an air-tight container for up to 3 days, though best when fresh.

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